Elimination Diet

I’m trying an elimination diet to work out if I’m allergic to lactose. It’s winter, I have an excuse not to eat gelato (one of my achilles heels), and I can do 3 months without, right?

So I’m up to about 5 days when I realise that I *really* have to give up dairy. I’m not supposed to eat lactose free yoghurt, or drink lactose free milk. Butter is out. Chocolate is out. Anything with ‘caramel’ is out. Who knew that salt and vinegar chips contain sour cream powder?!?!! And then I find this website: http://www.theallergysite.co.uk/dairy.html, and it says: sheep’s milk and goat’s milk aren’t suitable alternatives, because they contain lactose (albeit with longer chains), so I can’t substitute with the chevre and sheep’s milk fetta like I had planned, if I am really trying to eliminate dairy.

I miss *cheese*. If I could use chevre, or a cured goats cheese(melty cheese sandwich substitute) I think I could cope.

I miss chocolate. Oh how I miss chocolate. I tried dairy free chocolate, and it was awful. Suddenly dairy-free means “raw everything”, but when you put raw cane sugar in (instead of refined white sugar), all you can taste is raw sugar! The rice crackle version tastes like raw sugar. The ‘no added sugar’ “milk” chocolate is better, and the “white” chocolate tastes like sweet greasy.

I can’t believe that I’m only two weeks in. I broke down and ate some abandoned* Green & Blacks Milk chocolate (which, by the way, contains raw cane sugar). I don’t know if it was because I was chocolate deprived, but it tasted sooo good. Chalky, rich, chocolately, creamy, almost like dark chocolate. I couldn’t stop at one piece … I’ve eaten half the block!

How am I going to make it to three months?

* Well, he was going to throw it out. And I can’t let good chocolate go to waste.


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