Review: Corridor on King, Newtown

Corridor on King

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This place has been open for a while, so I thought that I wouldn’t have any trouble getting a booking for later in the week. Nuh-uh.

First of all I had trouble finding a contact number to make a booking (Like all Gen-Z’s houses, there is no landline. For the record, the contact number is 0422-873-879), left a message, didn’t get a response, went into the bar on a Tuesday night to make a booking, was told they were all full for that night, only to get a phone call on the Wednesday morning confirming my booking for later that week. Huh?

Arrive on the night, only to be told that the table is booked for someone else. Once someone else behind the bar made a call to the person I had talked to, synchronise the bookings-books, it confirmed that indeed, that was my table.

After all that fuss and bother, it was a relief to peruse the menu and order. I like tart, sour things, so I tried the white lady cocktail, apparently created in the 1940s: gin, contrieau and lemon juice: which looked quite uninspiring in the martini glass. It had a mighty kick though, and was more alcoholic than it was lemony.

Feeling woozy from the lack of food, we got the mezze plate ($20), which came with an enormous mound of antipasto (marinated mushrooms, artichokes, capsicum, olives, sundried tomatoes, green salad, olives) plus dips as non-dairy as they could (pumpkin & coriander, tahini, beetroot), plus a stack of bread. I recommend getting an extra serving of bread ($2), to mop up the juices from the antipasto. This fed six grazers quite happily. The tahini was the favourite – it was like creamed honey and tahini and very creamy and moreish.

The vegetarian nachos was also quite popular, with the ‘Potato and Leek’ soup of the day.

My mushroom risotto ($18), which was cooked without cream as standard (and without parmesan on request), was quite nice, and it seems like the staff had substituted julienne spring onions/scallions for the parmesan hit. It did taste a bit one dimensional and mostly salty, but this is probably a result for my request for non-dairy. It could’ve done with more mushrooms than the few button ones scattered about. I would’ve been happy grazing for a little while longer on the Mezze plate.

The second cocktail of the evening was the Bellini, Corridor-style ($13). I have had a virgin peach bellini at the Little Snail in Pyrmont, but I was asking in vain for a virgin cocktail at a cocktail bar! In any case, this was a combination of sloe gin and champagne, topped with a strawberry. You can see why I was laughed at for asking for a non-alcoholic one! Once again, a bit high on the alcoholic side (whoops), and the sloe gin added a sweet berry like flavour which complemented the strawberry garnish. Apparently a sloe is a berry related to a plum.

The staff were lovely in trying to accommodate dietary restrictions, and generally very friendly and helpful.

A friend described the food as “rockingly awesome” for the price, so we will be back.

I will try and post some more photos on flickr, just having *headaches* linking more than one photo to a post.

Corridor on King
153a King Street, Newtown, 2042
0422-873-879 (recommended to book at the venue in person).


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