I’ve finally caved in and bought a new point and shoot camera. As much as I love my dSLR, it was a bit too bulky and heavy for hauling around on those long extended hikes. My poor old Pentax optio s5i gave up the ghost when I dropped it on the last trip to overseas, 6 months ago. Normally: okay. When camera on and lens extended: Not Okay. So it was bye-bye to old faithful.

It is amazing how much bang for your buck you can get these days. I spent over $500 to get a 3x optical zoom, 3Megapixel jobby 6 years ago.

And I dislike the Canon ixus. Yes, yes, everyone has got them, and they are popular for a reason, but I find the controls non-intuitive, and I just don’t like that camera. Sorry.

Originally I wanted to spend less than 200AUD, but I caved in after seeing this review:, and after price shopping (even trying the union shopper service to try and beat it), I decided on the Panasonic Lumix FH20. I played with a friend’s DMC-TZ20 (a dSLR/p&s comprimise) for a bit, just to see if I could cope with the controls. Didn’t want to give that one back, the LCD screen was brilliant, and the ‘intelligent auto’ worked even whilst filming mini-movies.

I got the new camera for more than I wanted to pay, but just enough to get the gst back.

I *love* the low-light response of this one – the Pentax was atrocious, shaky, and indoor shots all came out yellow. It also refused to listen to instructions and just take the darn picture¬† if there was nothing to see. The number of times, in the dark with a headtorch focused on something, and it still refused to fire. GRR. This one will take shots even when I’ve stuck it in a mostly shut drawer to test it. So far, so good… and it has already survived one 2m fall…


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