Review: Glebe Noodle House (closed)

glebe noodle house - prep

Making dumplings @ Glebe Noodle House

The staff handmaking the dumplings at the front of the store is a good sign, and after being ushered upstairs, it felt very friendly and cosy. There was a couple in the corner looking like they were settling in for the night with good tea and good conversation.

Our order was boiled beef dumplings ($9, $10 if fried), green beans ($10), and on the waitress’s recommendation, the Hot and Spicy Chicken handmade noodles ($14.90 dinner, $12.90 lunchtime).

Service was really quick, and in no time at all, our dumplings were ready:
The pastry was quite thin – not as delicate as that from din tai fung, not as coarse as that from Shanghai Night, and possibly a little thinner than that of New Shanghai. The little cross hatch imprint on the bottom of the dumplings indicates that these were probably steamed rather than boiled. The filling was beef mince with chives, and the colour was a nice red-brown rather than the sometimes grey-brown that you get when the dumplings have been cooked for too long. They were also delicious!

Next up were the fried green beans. Oily with a hint of spice, the beans had shrunk slightly in their casings during the cooking process, revealing a wrinkly appearnce.

Finally the main event: the Hot and Spicy Chicken handmade noodles:

glebe noodle house - noodle hot pot

Hot & Spicy Chicken Noodle

This was a huge bowl, fit to feed 3-4 people grazing, not 2 people who had already consumed 5 dumplings each! The broth reminded me of the thai-style duck noodle soup, with pieces of cassia bark, curry leaves and whole peppercorns in a sweet dark broth. The timeout review pasted on the wall indicated this also contained dried mandarin peel.

There were chunks of potato, capsicum and pieces of chicken on the bone that had stewed to a dark caramel colour, as well as the handmade noodles of varying thicknesses. These I found a bit soft and glue-like in texture, and didn’t seem as perfectly al-dente as the handmade noodles in soups that I have tried at Seabay. Different animals yes – a hot pot versus a soup, but the gluey texture of the noodles spoiled what otherwise would have been a lovely dish.

Glebe Noodle House
25 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW.
Mon-Sun 11.30am-3.30pm, 4.30pm-10.30pm
(02) 9660 9698


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