Review: Viet Pork Rolls @ Sutherland Hot Bread Shop

Sutherland Hot Bread Shop

Sutherland Hot Bread Shop

I discovered this place a few years ago when I was mad with the mountain biking and adventure racing, and the Royal National Park was a favourite haunt for such pursuits.

Sutherland Hot Bread Shop

Don’t be fooled by the rival shop on the other side of the road which is open later on the weekends.

I have found this place to be the best place for the Vietnamese snack: the pork roll, even beating the much lauded Hong Ha in Mascot. Hong Ha’s pork roll I have tried, and I do agree that the queue goes out the door and down the street on a weekday lunchtime. I also agree that the bread rolls there are very crispy. But I found the ‘special sauce’ was applied too liberally, it was very dark, and the bottom quarter of the roll got soaked through and was inedible.

So being in Sutho recently gave me the excuse to visit my old haunt.

Vietnamese Pork Roll $3.70:

Pork roll from Sutho

Of course, I got this with the lot. The roll was slightly chewy and crunchy, the combination of flavours good, and there was even tomato slices included. The sauce was light, didn’t drip too much, and the pate was ever so more-ish.

Another classic Vietnamese snack that the bread shop stocked are the pork and prawn vermicelli rolls: $4.50 for three:

Pork and Prawn Rice Paper Roll

Rice Paper Roll

The rice paper pastry is soft, the filling contains loads of vermicelli, mint, coriander and pork, and whole prawns. It comes with a small tub of hoisin sauce with a light sprinkling of chilli throughout.


There are some places I have noticed that very sneakily slice the prawns in half to cut costs. Thankfully, not here.

What looked interesting as a place to revisit is the Flora Street Coffee Shop, situated just next door. This place was buzzing right up until close at 5pm on a Wednesday night, and they have freshly roasted coffee beans for $9 for 200g-ish I think.

Sutherland Hot Bread Shop
141 Flora Street, Sutherland
Open 7 days.
(02) 9545-2651


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