Recipe: Tamarind and ginger glazed pork with cucumber salad

Feeling out of sorts, and out of inspiration, I searched the recipe database for “pork” recipes, because that’s what I had available.

I ended up with: tamarind and ginger glazed pork with cucumber salad

For 2tbs kecap manis, I substituted 1 tsp brown sugar, 1 tbps soy sauce (tamari) 1 tbps tomato sauce.

The coconut milk came out of the freezer, and had to be defrosted: it seems to have already separated, and didn’t have an intense coconut flavour.

I looked at the cucumber, and decided to add mung bean vermicilli, coriander and mint. I guess that made this recipe more Vietnamese in style rather than Fijian.

Tamarind pork and Cucumber Salad

The marinade was interesting, I thought it would be a lot more sour than it was, and it was quite nice. An easy marinade that I could repeat and I have all the ingredients (apart from kecap manis) to hand.

A few weeks later, I remade this dish, this time with a freshly open uht pack of coconut cream for the cucumber salad. It turned out a lot better, but didn’t keep ~ once you stick cocunut cream dressing in the fridge it solidifies and reminds you why you shouldn’t be eating coconut cream or milk on a regular basis!


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  1. Looks great…. there’s a lot of good in coconut too though 🙂


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