Emissions Trading Scheme

So Big Kev has decided to postpone his carbon trading (or  carbon reduction scheme), because (a) he’s waiting on the rest of  the world to see the light and do something and (b) he won’t negotiate with the Greens. Also, it will cost him too much in the budget (Note to Kev – if you don’t compensate businesses and consumers, then it won’t cost you so much).

And on a related matter, I can’t believe the number of people writing to IPART “begging” for the electricity price rises not to happen (up to 60% over three years if the ETS had gone through). I’m sorry, but deal with it. We pay very cheap electricity rates, the NSW government has bled the sector dry in terms of cutting back on maintenance, and all those lovely assets now need replacing because they’ve been driven hard. And the time to comment on the proposed price rises is before a decision is made, not afterwards and only when the media hop on the band wagon.


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