Review: Ryo’s Noodles

Having read Notquitenigella’s review of Ryo’s noodles, I thought that on my monthly food safari day, I should seek them out.

Ryo Tei

Despite having turned up at 1210 on a Friday, the place was already full, and the queue outside was a mix of the local Tafe staff and chinese. Approximately a 10 minute wait on Falcon Street, before we were shown inside to the bar. The place inside was tiny! It looked like a Victorian terrace, that had then been converted to something like a dry cleaners (as evidence by the rails hanging from the ceiling). Even the gas light fittings were still present. The lighting inside was quite dim, and the walls were painted a pastel yellow. They even have a “top 5” blackboard on the wall, listing the most popular dishes.

I had to get the Miso Bolognaise, since NQN says that she hasn’t seen this elsewhere. We also tried the cold (ramen) noodle salad, and a cod fish roe rice ball, and a pork rice ball to start off with, since they sounded interesting.

The rice balls ($4.50)were delicious, wrapped in two nori sheets with corners of rice peeking through. So big, they almost overflowed the saucer that they were presented on. The pork was the favourite here – the meat itself was minced so finely, it was almost like tuna, or tuna confit. The cod roe rice ball had hot pink flecks of roe throughout, and you got little salty bursts of cooked roe as you bit into it, and the rice balls were still warm.

Ryo's Miso Bolognaise Ramen

The mains arrived not long after. The miso bolognaise (described as: Ramen dish with miso bolognaise sauce, $13), came with the “miso” sauce – mincemeat, shitake mushrooms, and after much investigation, pickled bamboo. A big pile of ramen noodles, sprinkling of spring onions and a soya sauce egg. It was a delicious, but very rich dish, and I found I had to return several times to my dish of pink ginger pickles to relieve my mouth of the taste.

Ryos Cold Noodle Salad

Ryos Cold Noodle Salad

Cold noodles are apparently the way to test the authenticity of the noodle. The cold noodle salad ($13) came with cucumber strips, strips of tonkotsu pork, corn, the soya sauce egg, a slice of seafood extender, and a light dressing. Plus a huge knob of hot english mustard on the side.This dish was really really light and flavoursome, without being rich and overbearing like my miso bolognaise. The ramen noodles had that perfect al-dente mouth feel. There are two kinds of cold noodle on the menu, one served with the dipping sauce separate, and one all combined, which is what we got.

Would love to go again, and try something on the top-5 menu – even for the chance to have the cold noodle salad dish to hog to myself.

Ryo’s Noodles (Ryo Tei)
125 Falcon Street, Crows Nest
Open Thursday – Sunday 12noon – 2pm, 6pm-9pm. I think.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by little miss food on May 26, 2010 at 10:58

    Hi hi,

    I spotted “hand made kishimen noodles & beef ragu” ($22) on the dinner menu at Blancharu in Elizabeth Bay – it is probably the closest thing to the miso bolognaise that I’ve seen. Probably quite different because it is beef rather than pork, but would be interesting to compare the two.

    The dish also appears on their “Ladies Express Lunch” which has an entree, soup, choice of main and choice of dessert for the bargain price of $32.


  2. Posted by little miss food on May 26, 2010 at 11:27

    Speaking of Japanese food – I would love to try the Jugemu & Shimbashi (Neutral Bay) winter special of duck and soba dumpling hotpot. Good Living provides the following description –

    “The dumplings, fashioned from 100 per cent buckwheat, are served in a duck broth with shimeji mushrooms, tofu and Chinese cabbage.”



  3. Hi there little miss food: I was very tempted by Shimbashi’s hot pot, but tried something else instead (Kamo Nan Soba). We shall have to go before winter is over! BTW, they also have cold soba noodles with dipping sauce available…


  4. […] sooner had I blogged about my my first visit to Ryo’s Noodles, then I managed to arrange to meet up for lunch with my friend Sarah. Destination: Ryo’s […]


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